Bigots Need Not Apply: Sticker 4.5”x3”

Bigots Need Not Apply: Sticker 4.5”x3”


Proceeds from the purchase of “Bigots Need Not Apply” products will be used to support trustworthy charities helping displaced LGBTQ+ youths and community members struggling with medical bills related to HIV and cancer.

A personal message from the founder of Paraphilia Toys:

"Paraphilia is devoted fully to egalitarianism and "BIGOTS NEED NOT APPLY" boils that down nicely. It's a riff on signs like "Help wanted: Irish need not apply" that told groups of people they weren't even worth considering. I want my brand and my work in this world to always run counter to bigotry. The best I can do is spread that message while raising funds for people and causes that some would like to see swept under the proverbial rug."

"I've wanted to give more back to the community for a very long time but have not felt capable of doing so. Having lost quite a few people in my life and seeing a few more on the horizon has stoked my fires and I'd like to grow this beyond simply personal fundraising for my friends currently in need."

Additional details:

Only items purchased directly from Paraphilia are official. If you see a duplicate of this design anywhere other than our Etsy shop and it is not a part of this campaign. Please report such listings to us if you see them.

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