Paraphilia Leather Conditioner: House Blend

Paraphilia Leather Conditioner: House Blend

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Based on a recipe found in a tannery manual from the 1800's, this 100% all natural leather conditioner is the only one used in the Paraphilia shop.

After 9 different formulations and thousands of toys, it's finally ready for you to take home.

Absolutely no petroleum products (Vaseline, paraffin, mineral oil...) are used in this conditioner. No fillers. No dyes. No silicone. Just top quality oils and waxes that have been chosen for their nourishing and preservative properties.

2 oz is enough for 20-30 applications on medium to large items.
We use approx .06 oz per large judicial strap and that's a heavy application. A little goes a long way.

4 oz is an option for the gear lover who wants to reduce packaging waste.

The ingredients:

Apricot kernel oil is lightweight, rich in moisturizing compounds, and absorbs readily leaving a dry finish. This allows the conditioner to flow through the fibers easily and penetrate more deeply while carrying the other ingredients along with it. 

Castor oil and beeswax are nourishing on their own. In this blend, they act to lock the conditioner into the fibers and keep your gear healthy for longer. The wax content of this recipe is light and will leave a very fine coating of beeswax that should be buffed into the surface with a soft cloth or horsehair brush.

The fish oil we use is ethically and sustainably harvested. Carefully treated so there is no smell, fish oil is an amazing source of compounds known to prolong the life of leather. 

Lastly, we have our natural preservatives. Two different kinds of cedar oil are employed for their anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. As an added bonus, they also smell lovely.

Vitamin-E is another natural preservative because it's a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging of materials due to oxidation and UV damage. Even though the naturally occurring antioxidant content of the above ingredients is already plenty, we boosted that further with a dash of the pure stuff.

Not for use on chrome-tan leather (Most flogger falls)

For instruction on how to use leather conditioner properly, please follow this link

Packaged in reclaimed/recycled resin plastic. Please recycle.

Not a vegan product.

Not a food product.

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