Private Reserve Flogger

Private Reserve Flogger


A unique, one of a kind flogger. The item pictured is the item you will receive. Made from highly figured cocobolo wood, you will never find another flogger exactly like this one. 

Handmade from beginning to end, the wood has been polished to a mirror shine while the brass has been given a satin finish. The cocobolo blank used for this piece is one of the most intriguing to pass through our shop. Streaks of black framing well-defined layers of vibrant amber, red ochre, and walnut brown. This piece exhibits high chatoyance for cocobolo, meaning light enters the grain at one point and exits elsewhere causing a shimmering, shifting effect most commonly seen in gemstones. 

A brass ferrule encompasses the junction between cocobolo wood and leather while a pommel spike offers new options for sensation play and looks fiendish while doing so. After the skin has been thoroughly warmed up, drag the spike lightly across the skin to bring sharp attention to the area.

All work is guaranteed for life against flaws in the construction. Treat your Paraphilia Toys well and they'll be with you for decades.

This is not an XL flogger.

It's a medium-sized flogger with 30 cowhide falls cut 1/2" wide and 20" long. The handle is 10" long.

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