Private Reserve Flogger: XL Cocobolo and Tobacco Bison

Private Reserve Flogger: XL Cocobolo and Tobacco Bison


This is a one of a kind flogger and cannot be replicated. The item shown is the item you will receive.

Cocobolo wood is known for the wide variety of colors and grain patterns it can produce.

This example is amazingly dark and complex. Easily one of the most beautiful handles to come out of our shop, the colors are heavily skewed toward burgundy, deep amber, and black. Sharp lines act as borders between straight grain and complex swirls. I've already spent too much time staring at this handle. It's your turn.

Over time the wood will oxidize and the colors will deepen even further. Considering that this piece is already so dark and presenting such rich red tones, this handle will become wine-red contrasted with syrupy black as it ages. It's exciting to imagine.

All of this is paired with our tobacco bison, a reserved brown that matches the lightest colors found in the handle and makes the darkest tones pop in comparison. The texture/temper of this bison is soft and luxurious producing very little sting and plenty of thud.

The handle is just about 11.75" long

The knot is 30 bison falls cut .5" wide and 22.5" long.

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