Private Reserve Flogger: XL Cocobolo and Black Bison Leather

Private Reserve Flogger: XL Cocobolo and Black Bison Leather


This is a one of a kind flogger and cannot be replicated. The item shown is the item you will receive.

Cocobolo wood is known for the wide variety of colors and grain patterns it can produce. This example is strikingly high-contrast with black and umber lines cutting through rich amber. A single, sharp black line divides the handle lengthwise and acts as a border between two different grain patterns. One side is more ordered and clean with the other being wild and chaotic.

Polished to our highest degree and exhibiting light chatoyance, the shapes will change dramatically with the viewing angle and light.

Over time the wood will oxidize and the colors will deepen and become richer. The yellow and orange of this handle will become more intense before edging toward a shade of red while the already dark lines become even deeper. The way cocobolo ages is one reason I love it so much.

Black bison leather is one of our most popular offerings. This particular hide was a bit stiffer than usual and produced some heavy, intense falls. The thud produced is substantial with a medium bite from the slightly stiffer leather that will mellow with use.

The handle is just about 11.75" long

The knot is 30 bison falls cut .5" wide and 22.5" long

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