Thin Judicial Strap: Saddle Tan/Black

Thin Judicial Strap: Saddle Tan/Black


All dimensions vary slightly. This is the case with natural materials and handmade items.

Length: 20.75"

Width: 2"

Thickness: 3/4" in the handle tapered to 1/2" in the blade.

Solid leather, as is the case with all the toys in this family. This one delivers deep thud with a little less sting than the standard Judicial Straps.

The narrower width makes for a more flexible toy that gains momentum as it's swung. This flexibility will increase the more it's used and cared for, resulting in a fluid and spine straightening impact.

100% handmade in Los Angeles using top quality vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak. 

Being natural veg tan leather, these need a little love over the years. About twice a year you should condition the leather to make sure it stays healthy. Conditioning may need to be more frequent in dryer climates. Properly treated, this toy will break in over time and become more flexible for even more momentum on impact.

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