More than just leather, metal, and wood



The vast majority of our hardware is either solid brass or stainless steel without any plating. Solid metal components are more durable than plated versions and maintain their appearance for longer. All plating eventually wears off to reveal the base metal underneath. This is unacceptable on our items that are meant to last for decades.


For our restraints, tawses, paddles and straps we primarily use hides from heritage brands like Horween and Hermann Oak. These family companies produce leather of exceptional quality using old methods deemed too laborious for many modern tanneries. These methods create hides with superior working properties, longevity, and beauty.

The leather utilized for our floggers comes from many different sources. All hides are chosen for their quality and only from companies who treat their animals, employees, and the environment well.


Cocobolo:  A Central American hardwood known for its spectacular and striking appearance. Colors can range from bright orange and fire red to purple and black all swirled together in complex grain patterns. No two pieces are exactly alike and some are more complex than others so it's always exciting to see what the end result will be. Cocobolo ages beautifully. Unlike many woods that fade and become dull with exposure to air and UV light, cocobolo oxidizes in a very odd way. The colors become deeper and darker with more rich and robust red tones presenting themselves over time. 

Granadillo: A subtle and somewhat understated wood of medium brown color with amazing chatoyance. This is a property most often used in reference to gemstones. When carefully polished granadillo shimmers in the light and needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. 

Bocote: Honey gold and pitch black are the two colors present in this wood. The balance is most often tilted toward honey with sharp and bold streaks of black. Rare and highly coveted pieces flip this balance appearing closer to ebony with streaks of gold. The grain pattern is