A message from our founder and lead craftsman.

"Entering the BDSM scene in 2011 I found myself disappointed by the toys available on most shelves. The vast majority were shoddily made imports guaranteed to fall apart with anything more than light use. Cheap materials passed off as ultra-premium, corners cut, and  copy stuffed full of words like premium, luxury, and quality with no substance to back them up.

So I set about making my own gear with two main goals. Produce items of the highest possible quality that will last decades. Demystifying toy construction and help others learn the craft.

I wanted to put better quality toys in more hands whether I was making them or helping others to build their own. To this day that is still my goal. I'm happy to explain every detail of my products and their construction. If someone can make better quality for lower prices then I'm not working hard enough."



Balancing form and function



"One of the core principles behind my work is the belief that form must always follow function. Using traditional saddlery, woodworking and cobbling techniques I build gear that's made to be used. I strive to reduce potential failure points, reinforce areas under stress, and choose materials that provide the best durability and look good while doing it. 

Superfluous decoration in mass-produced gear is often applied to cover flaws and hide shoddy workmanship. My designs showcase the beauty of well made leather, quality hardware, and carefully honed skills. When I do apply a bit of extra flourish, most often for a special project, it must never detract from the durability or function of the piece."